• Strong Mom Stroller Fit

    New time!


    with Tamara

    Classes will run every Tuesday and Thursday from 1030-1130am.

    You can drop in for $15 a class or purchase a 10 class pass (get 1 Free) for $110

    subject to HST

    Non transferable/Refundable

    RENEW Thrive 10 week Program begins

    June 3rd to August 7th

    This program is open to active patients of the Windsor Regional Hospital Cancer Program. Patients must register directly with Pure Cycle.

    The cost is $40 (plus tax) with the Cancer Program covering the remaining cost as well as the cost of the physician clearance.

    If you are interested, please email us or contact us at 226-676-0500

    Our email is purecyclestudio@gmail.com

    Sculpt Pilates with Sam

    Starts Monday February 4th @ 430 - 520pm

    Saturdays 8-845am                     





    We never said it was easy... But it's worth it.

    You should come try.


    New to Pure!

    20 Any Class Pass!

    $200 (plus tax)

    (120 day expiry)

    TRX with Ramona

    Join Instructor Ramona for a full body workout Saturday mornings at 10am-11am starting April 13th at Pure Cycle & Yoga Studio.

    This is an ALL LEVELS class. Beginners welcome!

    $15 drop ins welcome or class passes available for purchase online.

    Link to Mindbody below



    What is all this talk about Foga?


    Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's 5pm.

    60 minutes.

    It is for those that love the practice of a strong Vinyasa with clear alignment queues, plenty of modifications and swearing..

    Loud music (Rock and Rap, sometimes inappropriate but necessary) to let the walls come down, the stress pour out and to let go of whatever is tugging at your soul. The words will follow......

    Not kid friendly.

    Be open. Be curious.

    Join Yogi Dan for an hour of F'ing fun.





    10AM SPIN®


    6PM SPIN®

    Bob is a qualified Hockey Canada coach (just to scratch the surface)

    He is a massive supporter of your wants and needs and will push you beyond your perceived limits in a safe, judgement free zone.

    He will get you out of that all too familiar comfort zone all the while listening to your needs, modifying when necessary and getting you closer to your goals.

    Pure Cycle isn't just SPIN®. We offer so much more than you think...

    Come check us out.

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    10 ANY CLASS PASS (GET 1 FREE) $110 

    (75 DAY EXPIRY)

    5 CLASS ANY PASS $60 

    (45 DAY EXPIRY)



    DROP IN $15

    10 Class Strong Mom Class Pass $110




    1 MONTH (NO CONTRACT) $100








    1 YEAR PAID IN FULL $869


    (subject to HST)

    ***All passes and packages are NON transferable or Refundable***


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  • Class Descriptions

    All classes are All level

    Group Classes


    Strong Mom (Stroller Fit)

    This is an hour of Strong Mom fitness with your little one!!

    This is an ALL LEVELS class where Tamara will give you a full body workout with light weights, cardio, bands, stability balls and your own body weight.

    Your little ones will be safe inside our studio and close by in case there is a little emergency.

    What you need... a baby in a stroller and the will to get here!

    TRX® Circuit

    The TRX® circuit will be a full body workout using your OWN bodyweight with the TRX strap.

    Benefits include improved Range of Motion, Balance, Stability and Body Strength.

    This is a class NOT to miss.

    Group Sweat

    The use of the Stability balls, bands, weights, boss balls, TRX and your own body weight with a group class to strengthen for a full body workout.

    Stability Balls give us the ability to test our balance, core and mobility doing simple but challenging workouts and the addition of some band work and light weights, this class is an all around fun and effective way to get a full body workout in!


    Perfect for everybody and every body! A total body workout, combining all elements of fitness~ Cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility and a boosted dose of energy and awesomeness every time you leave class. Zumba Fitness takes the "work" ouf of the workout, by mixing low intensity and high inensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party set to Latin and World Rhythms.

    Zumba Firtenss is "Exercise in Disguise" that is super effective and fun!!


    POUND® with SueSanity

    A full body cardio jam session inspired by drumming. This workout is a combination of cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired movements using lightly weighted exercise drum sticks, called RIPSTIX. This new workout is unlike any other. Time to channel your inner rock star and jam to the music one POUND at a time.

    *** Please note POUND is a separate entity from Pure Cycle and payment is made direct to SueSanity. You can do a drop in as well.

    Please contact her @ 519-996-0979 or at SueSanity@yahoo.com***


    TRX® Quick HITT

    That's just it..

    TRX for 30. All levels.

    Totally worth the trip.









    Not your typical Yoga class. We encourage you to release stress, break down your walls, drop an F bomb if you'd like and power your way through (or not) an intense yoga session with

    Rock/Rap/Alternative music.

    Pajama Yoga

    Enjoy this all levels class by using your breath to warm your body and flow through a beautiful sequence.... seriously, wear your Pj's


    Enjoy a 30 minute SPIN® class followed by a 30 minute YIN inspired Yoga practice stretching, breathing and relaxing after a good cardio workout from the bike






    Go the Distance

    Class centred around distance, lower heart rate (65-75%) and supported speed (90-110RPM)

    The goal is 20 miles in an hour. We start off as individuals riding our own distance and bring it together as a group towards the end support and finish 20 miles as a team.


    SPIN a little, Yoga a little (off the bike)

    An all levels SPIN® class geared to anyone wanting a challenging and fulfilling cardio workout.

    We encourage anyone to come try SPIN® as it is a fun and effective way to burn calories... but also learning about how much hidden strength and determination you have deep down inside you.

    This class is great for the person not wanting to commit right away to a full hour.

    SPIN a little, then off the bike for a wonderful Yoga stretch.

    We don't yell, we don't scream... we push and encourage to ensure a safe, fun and energetic environment.

    Bob's Eye Opener

    Begin your Sunday with an amazing All Levels Spin® class taught by Bob who is sure to support, motivate and encourage you to find power and determination, confidence and to head fear dead on in the face.

    Remember, everyone was once a beginner.....

    SPIN® Core & Stretch

    This class is great for the experienced, newbie or the timid Spinner®. The class time on the bike will be shortened so we can get a Core workout in pre or post class and take some time stretching body parts out. You can expect a 25-30min Spin® followed up with a Core, stretch for the remainder of class.

    SPIN® Tabata Tuesday

    Drills based on the 20 second interval followed with a 10 second active recovery done x8. Class will have recovery songs to prep you for each TABATA drill.

    This class is geared for those looking for a high intensity workout but do not be afraid to try it... All our classes are geared for your OWN needs and ability.



  • Team Pure

    Tamara Boland


    Certified Star 3 Spinning® Instructor

    Barre Above Certified

    GSTC TRX Instructor

    Exhausted Mom, Kick ass Wife, Community Activist

    I fell in love with Spinning® after I gave birth to my second son. I decided to sign up for a Marathon and thought that Spinning would improve my running performance. Indeed it did and I loved it so much I became a Certified Spinning Instructor in Miami.

    TRX is also a strong passion of mine. The desire to improve my core and overall strength guided me to this amazing suspension unit. I HAD to become certified. Spinning and TRX have added so much to my life outside of the gym.


    Dan Boland


    Certified Star 3 Spinning® Instructor

    200hr Yoga Instructor

    AFAA Personal Trainer

    Barre Above Certified

    Step-Dad, Kick ass husband, Special Education Teacher, Community Activist

    My love for Spinning® happened when I took my very first class and has blossomed under the guidance of Master Instructor Luciana Marcial-Vincion at Charleston Ride.

    Drawing from my experience as a personal trainer and yoga instructor, I do my best to make your Spinning® experience one that you will never forget.

    Robert Labute

    OMHA Hockey Coach

    Indoor Cycling Instructor

    Mentor, Coach


    Bob is a coach, a motivator and just an all around awesome person.

    Here is his Bio...

    Minor Hockey Coach in Riverside Minor and Tecumseh Minor

    Director of Coaching TSMHA

    District Instructor Hockey Canada and OMHA (he certifies coaches to Coach)

    Current Regional Development Leader for Hockey Canada and OMHA

    .... the list goes on

    Sue Vidinovski

    Pound® Fitness Instructor and SueSanity Master, Leader


    My smile is my logo. My personality is my business card. How I leave others feeling after a SueSanity experience is my trademark.

    Nancy Byrne

    Can Fit Pro Certified, Zumba Instructor Extraordinaire


    Nancy is a licensed Zumba and Fitness, Piloxing, and Pound Instructor.

    My fitness career began with getting licensed Zumba in 2009. I have been certified for

    Zumba Toning

    Zumba Sentao

    Zumba Gold

    Zumba Kids

    Zumba Step

    I am also the acting administrators for Zumba Glow Charity event for Transition to Betterness.

    Dianne Bondy

    Yoga Teacher, Inspirer

    Disruptor, Activist, Trailblazer, Consciousness Shifter, Writer, Podcaster

    Samantha Maybee

    Teacher, Pilates Instructor, Supporter, Motivator, Pillar of Strength

    Sam began training in 2016 in Pilates and it immediately became a part of her training routine as she felt the mind/body connection she had heard so much about. She was inspired by her first Pilates workout and took the training course to become certified.

    "As time passed, I felt my inner strength develop and how it has aided me in life as a parent, teacher and athlete. I believe it continues to strengthen me daily and love to share this passion with others."

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + Pure = Awesome.

    540 Old Tecumseh Rd
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  • Team Pure Mission Statement

    To train in a mindful, positive and energetic environment. Where community, dedication and focus are key to personal growth. Pure Cycle Spin & Yoga Studio and it's members thrive on commitment and positive attitudes in a judgement free zone.




    Our mission is to empower you. Whether you're a new or experienced indoor rider, an instructor or a facility operator. We live to provide the best indoor cycling experience on the planet.

    Our Goals
    We want to help Instructors, facilities and riders do and be more than they thought they could. From attracting members to join Spinning® classes, to inspiring riders to reach their goals in the club or riding a Spinner® bike at home (when the couch is much more inviting) or even becoming a Certified Spinning Instructor. So many of our instructors started off as riders in a Spinning class! The journey starts with Spinning.


    Yoga is a simple process of reversing the ordinary outward flow of energy and consciousness so that the mind becomes a dynamic center of direct perception no longer dependent upon the fallible senses but capable of actually experiencing Truth. The word yoga itself means "union": of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit; of the individual with their community; of the movement of body with breath. Though many people think of yoga only as physical exercises — the asanas or postures that have gained widespread popularity in recent decades — these are actually only the most superficial aspect of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.


      Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRXSuspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user's body weight to complete hundreds of exercises.

      1. Pure Testimonials

        ***** 5star

        An avid spinner in Toronto where I live, I took a Spin XP class while visiting family in Windsor. It was an awesome workout and Tamara kicked my butt (in the best way). Tried the Pilates class today with Beth and it was great too. Very personalized with a ton of emphasis on form. I'll be back for sure!

        ~ Whitney Gibson

        ***** I have been WAITING for a dedicated spin studio to open up in Windsor and Pure Cycle is absolutely beautiful! So welcoming, the staff is GREAT and the classes are intense! If you like to sweat and feel fabulous, this place is for you! Keep it up Pure Cycle team! #Dedicated

        ~ Marilyn Salmon

        *****Went to my first spin class yesterday since 2008, and since having 3 children! I was terrified, and just praying I didn't puke or pass out! Brooke was the instructor and she readily answered all my questions (no matter how silly) with enthusiasm and encouragement! Her class was AMAZING!!!! It was just what I needed and I can't wait to return! Best workout I've done in years!

        ~ Shane Hailey McLean

        ***** I love the spin classes at Pure Cycle studio.. the instructors keep you motivated, the studio is clean and aesthetically pleasing and everyone is so friendly!

        ~Dani Thomas