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    Group Classes

    *** New *** Yoga Burn (Yoga with weights)

    A traditional yoga practice with the choice to incorporate weights into your routine. Light weights are used (2lb-5lb).

    This is a super fun way to gain some strength and lengthen and strengthen at the same time


    TRX® Full Body Workout

    This is a TRX class incorporated with weights for a full body workout. This is not meant for a beginner.

    Benefits include improved Range of Motion, Balance, Stability and Body Strength.

    This is a class NOT to miss.

    Level 2/3

    ***Zumba® **** Currently on pause

    Perfect for everybody and every body! A total body workout, combining all elements of fitness~ Cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility and a boosted dose of energy and awesomeness every time you leave class. Zumba Fitness takes the "work" ouf of the workout, by mixing low intensity and high intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party set to Latin and World Rhythms.

    Zumba Fittness is "Exercise in Disguise" that is super effective and fun!!

    *** Please note Zumba® is a separate entity from Pure Cycle and payment is made direct to Nancy Byrne. You can do a drop in as well.

    Level 1


    ***POUND® with SueSanity **** Currently on pause

    A full body cardio jam session inspired by drumming. This workout is a combination of cardio, conditioning, and strength training with yoga and pilates inspired movements using lightly weighted exercise drum sticks, called RIPSTIX. This new workout is unlike any other. Time to channel your inner rock star and jam to the music one POUND at a time.

    *** Please note POUND is a separate entity from Pure Cycle and payment is made direct to SueSanity. You can do a drop in as well.

    Please contact her @ 519-996-0979 or at SueSanity@yahoo.com***

    Level 1


    TRX 30 Min HIIT

    That's just it..

    TRX for 30. All levels.

    Totally worth the trip

    Level 1






    Go the Distance

    Class centered around distance, lower heart rate (65-75%) and supported speed (90-110RPM)

    The goal is 20 miles in an hour. We start off as individuals riding our own distance and bring it together as a group towards the end support and finish 20 miles as a team.

    Level 1/2/3



    SPIN a little, Yoga a little (off the bike)

    An all levels SPIN® class geared to anyone wanting a challenging and fulfilling cardio workout.

    We encourage anyone to come try SPIN® as it is a fun and effective way to burn calories... but also learning about how much hidden strength and determination you have deep down inside you.

    This class is great for the person not wanting to commit right away to a full hour.

    SPIN a little, then off the bike for a wonderful Yoga stretch.

    We don't yell, we don't scream... we push and encourage to ensure a safe, fun and energetic environment.

    Level 1/2/3



    All Levels Spin® class where we support, motivate and encourage you to find power and determination, confidence and to head fear dead on in the face.

    Remember, everyone was once a beginner.....

    Level 1/2/3


    SPIN® Tabata Wednesday

    Drills based on the 20 second interval followed with a 10 second active recovery done x8. Class will have recovery songs to prep you for each TABATA drill.

    This class is geared for those looking for a high intensity workout but do not be afraid to try it... All our classes are geared for your OWN needs and ability.

    Level 2/3





    Come where you can let it all go.

    Fierce. Fun. Flow. Fearless. Funky. Flexible

    and maybe a few f bombs will be dropped. Music is non traditional. Rock, Rap, Heavy Metal

    ~ All levels


    POP Yoga (Power of Poses)

    Join Don for an all levels slow flow Power Yoga class where you explore the power of a pose.

    Bring a mat (we have some if req'd) and some water to keep you hydrated in a fun, slow practice using patience and breath to guide you along your way

    ~ All levels

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